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Course Detail

Ages: 17 - Adult
One 2-hour sessions: 10 AM - 12 PM
Saturday, September x
$xx (does not include supplies)


Not all marks are created equal. Marks have meaning, they are the artist’s translation of a subject. Their relationship to each other has the ability to harmoniously communicate more than just visual information; they also have the ability to communicate the artist’s emotional and intellectual intent. In this class we will explore the potential and power of mark making and the ever so critical junction between what we see and how we translate it onto our drawing.

We have a projector at work that I can borrow and plug it into my laptop.  I think it would add to the experience if I could gather specific music for certain slide drawings to help heighten the experience of specific mark making.  I could see 5-6 slides dealing with different subjects. These would be slides that would elicit specific mark making; at very broad ends of the spectrum.   I could have 12 in the deck if things go faster or slower.  I would say 15 min per slide including comments after each drawing.  If it was a boot camp, 3 hours would be good.  Or 2 if there is more interest.  Students would be responsible for conte or charcoal, newsprint, a clipboard to draw on, a sketchbook would be nice and a pen or marker.   The class could also explore mark making with different tools that I would supply (small wood blocks, golf balls, wood boards, dipped in ink).  I would also bring in a still life objects for this section of the class. 


PREREQUISITE: Although there is no prerequisite for this course, prior drawing experience can support student success.


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