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How It Works
"This curriculum is the quickest path
to get from zero to 80"

—Jeffrey L., student

Class Curriculum

Drawing Foundations

Students learn to improve the accuracy of their drawings using measuring and eyeballing methods, and learn techniques to gain quick feedback to improve faster. 


Drawing the Head and Face

In this curriculum, students learn how to draw an accurate likeness of the human face. Lectures and demonstrations illustrate the basic geometric structures of the skull and facial features, and emphasize the importance of correct proportion and consistent angle of view in a well-constructed portrait.

Drawing the Figure (Age Appropriate)

Students learn how to draw the human figure with an emphasis on proportion, shape, form and movement.


We focus on basic proportions and proper construction of the human form as well as light and shadow, contour, line, and composition. In-studio drawing exercises are enhanced by demonstrations of how to simplify and assemble the more complex areas of the body.


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