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Art Research
Provenance Due Diligence


Drawn Studio offers discrete art provenance research and due diligence to private collectors, corporate clients, wealth managers, family offices, art advisories, galleries and museums.

We exhaust every available resource to chart the full history of your piece or collection by consulting experts including connoisseurs, auction house specialists and conservators. Our findings are then compiled into a report. This process ensures that your artwork is rightfully owned and ready for future market transactions.

Each provenance report includes the following:

  • Extensive ownership, literature and exhibition histories

  • Primary documents relating to the history of the artwork

  • Art market research and analysis

  • Final recommendations


Today, art is no longer authenticated on the basis of opinions, but instead on the basis of research, references, analyses, provenance and forensics. We believe that authentication is the bedrock of any art market transaction. Our approach to evaluating works of art is based on transparency, expertise and fairness. Whether your artwork is found to be genuine or not, the written report you receive will clearly explain how we came to our decision, providing you with a substantive document.


We partner with clients to hunt for some of the world's missing masterpieces. Drawing renewed attention to works by Frank Duveneck, Frederick Oakes Sylvester and Oscar Berninghaus in recent years, our research led to their successful recoveries. To date, we've located and returned over $800,000 in missing art back to museums, public institutions and private hands.

This painting by Oscar Edmund Berninghaus (1874 - 1952), valued at between $200,000 - $300,000, was successfully located and recovered as a result of my year-long research.
Joe Buck holding his childhood lunchbox, which was located and returned in 2020.
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