Individualized, 1-on-1 lessons are available either in Drawn Studio's Eureka, Missouri location or in the comfort of your home. We supply all the drawing materials needed. Classes are one hour in length and are held once a week.


$45/lesson in studio

$50/lesson in home

To enroll in weekly classes, please contact Ryan Greis at (314) 279-7978 or ryangreis@gmail.com

Lesson Themes

Drawing the Head and Face

In this course, students will learn how to draw an accurate likeness of the human face. Class lectures and demonstrations will illustrate the basic geometric structures of the skull and facial features, and emphasize the importance of correct proportion and consistent angle of view in a well-constructed portrait.


This material will encompass the structural generalities of the human face – the features we all share – and ways in which they can be adjusted to capture the likeness of any particular individual. We will not cover color or color theory, but rather focus on value in black and white. Tools utilized will primarily include compressed charcoal, vine charcoal, conté, erasers, blending stumps and newsprint.

H2D - Hard To Draw Series

Each class focuses on a feature or part of the body we as artists struggle to draw well.


This series is a great way to face your problem area head on, improve your understanding of that feature, and relearn how to draw it.

Current Series:




Ryan's classes are outstanding. He generously and genuinely shares his knowledge.

Dina F, Student

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