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1902 Correspondence documents St. Louis Public School's efforts to acquire art collection.

In my recent research, I came across numerous historical documents from SLPS' 1902 effort to acquire artworks, of which Frank Duveneck's "Yacht Harbor" is a part. Specifically, these original documents include correspondence between Holmes Smith (Wash U. professor in 1902, head of the project) and several of the artists, including Frank Duveneck, signed receipts for artwork by the various artists, names and signatures of financial donors, etc. In short, this documentation provides a unique glimpse into a significantly historical aspect of SLPS and the pursuit to fund, choose and acquire artwork for SLPS in 1902.

More exciting is the possibility that these documents could help motivate one of several St. Louis establishments like St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri Historical Society or Washington University to accept responsibility to care for, conserve and repair Duveneck's "Yacht Harbor", currently in your possession and ownership, so it survives another 120 years.

Recent efforts have been made to share these documents with SLPS and discuss continued efforts to find a home for "Yacht Harbor"


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