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Not Now. I'm Working On My Art.

Your child’s world has grown increasingly busy, bombarded by group activities: sports, school, scouts, camps and birthday parties. From morning until evening, they remain surrounded by other kids.

But, like us big kids, children need their alone time. Time to decompress, come up with their own ideas and thoughts; time to create.

What a better way to spend their down time than by drawing. Drawing is largely a solo sport and a great way for your child to spend an hour in self-focus and thought. Let your child take time out of their day to draw. Alone. Uninterrupted.

Many of us adults get an hour alone each day, driving back and forth from work. These precious moments of down time often give us some of our greatest ideas; ideas that we wouldn’t otherwise conceive in a group setting or in the busy routine of our day.

Give that same opportunity to your child. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give them is a pencil, sheet of paper, and an hour of down time.

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