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New Studio in Valley Park

OK. Here I go! I am opening a studio in Valley Park. It's a very rustic space, located in a manufacturing facility. No bells. No whistles. But perfect for instructing a few groups of students across several drawing bootcamps. I've learned a lot about drawing, based on over 30 years of hobby and professional art skills I've picked up along the way.

The concept around my bootcamps is simple: your children will come out more advanced in their drawing skills than when they came in. Consider this the "select sport" of drawing instruction. This isn't a craft camp. I don't work in the popsicle stick medium :). Rather, I've developed a solid curriculum that will prepare your child to excel in their talent by building up their foundational drawing skills; skills that traditional grade, middle, and high schools often do not fully instill in our children.

View the courses here.

All that to say, I am now accepting students for beginner's and intermediate drawing bootcamps, beginning in September. I will be signing up students over the next few weeks. Anyone interested in learning more or signing up their child can reach me by email at I'm happy to provide references from parents of former students.


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