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Unveiling the “Nude Art Model” Scented Candle: A Cheeky Ode to the Artist Studio

The candle is a collaborative effort between St. Louis-based Maven Apothecary and Drawn Studio.


We recently announced the release of our first retail product – a scented candle aptly named “Nude Art Model”. Inspired by the ambiance of an artist's space, the“Nude Art Model” candle captures the stripped-down and idealized charm of studio life.


 “There’s something magical about creating art in a studio environment,” Ryan Greis, founder of Drawn Studio, surmises. “Some artists might work out of an old warehouse, while others might create out of a basement. I thought there was an opportunity to take inspiration from the tools, textures, the mystique of studio life and inspire makers of all sorts in their own spaces.”


The candle concept was conceived by Greis, who pulled in Maven Apothecary, also in Maplewood, to bring the concept to life. The “Nude Art Model” candle is the first in a series of studio-inspired scented candles to be consecutively released.

“I’ve known Kate Bethel (owner of Maven Apothecary) for years,” Greis says. “She makes these amazing and creative candles and soap products. I knew she would be perfect to partner with.”


“The candle design and packaging are very intentional”, admits Kate Bethel, owner of Maven Apothecary. “The candle wax is hand-poured into a nude-colored vessel. We spent months considering various scents before picking one.”


What does a “Nude Art Model” candle smell like?


The candle was given to a select group of recipients for their review and feedback. The following comments came back:


“It smells like the mall.”


“It’s just got unbelievable depth and warmth”


“Smells like a lumberjack with sticky cotton candy fingers”.

The candle is available online on our SHOP page and in-store at Maven Bath and Candle.


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