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Course Detail

Beginner's Drawing: The Face & Head (Ages 10-16)
Fall Session II (Early October)
Eight Weeks, 1 Class Per Week
Fee: $300


Students will discover the fundamentals of drawing the human head with charcoal and graphite. This course will present you with a solid body of foundational information that you can use to develop your skill in drawing the head from life as well as from imagination. Beginning with lessons on planes, proportions and anatomy, including individual features. Basic Drawing skills are required. Instructor will be working with students in a small group setting. Lesson and demonstration are the part of this class. The firm expectation is that each student will improve greatly in the understanding, practice, and production of drawing techniques.


Classes will cover:

Drawing shapes specific to physical features

Contour and shaded drawing exercises

Relationships of the face – front and profile

Drawing specific facial features


Exploring soft/hard edges


Types of shadows/highlights


Refining techniques

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