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UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Breaking the Skin: Lessons from the Dead

Professor Cindy Gordon PhD, Director of Human Anatomy program at University of Oklahoma is bringing her amazing wit and insight, some unbelievable lab stories of cadavers and dissection, and possibly a few human props to Drawn Studio for an artist's workshop like no other. Explore the complexities and functional anatomy of the human body. Student artists will learn more about the interlocking forms of muscles and bones of the torso, arms and legs to achieve greater anatomical clarity and validity in their figurative work. The later half of the workshop will include drawing from live nude models. 18+ only. Enrollment limited to 8 students. Includes live model fee. About the instructor: Dr. Cindy Gordon is an Associate Professor in Biology and the Director of the Human Anatomy program at the University of Oklahoma. She has been an educator for nearly 30 years and has won numerous teaching awards during her time at OU. In addition to teaching human anatomy, she is also a paleontologist, focusing on the evolution of early mammals. When not at work she enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible and playing bagpipes in a local bagpipe band.

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