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Why Drawn?

Amidst the proliferation of new digital mediums, artists who possess the ability to draw are becoming increasingly radical and innovative. Drawing provides a foundation for artistic expression, enabling artists to convey their ideas and engage with various artistic disciplines.
Drawn Studio offers a unique approach to drawing education, distinguishing itself from other art schools and ateliers. Not everyone has the luxury of dedicating 6-8 weeks or more to improve drawing skills. Drawn Studio breaks down the learning process into quick and easy concepts, allowing for fast-paced, "bite-sized" learning.
The studio's class curriculum follows a straightforward structure, typically consisting of 3-5 sessions per curriculum, with each class lasting 2 hours. This condensed format allows students to acquire essential artistic skills and knowledge efficiently.
With small class sizes, students receive personalized instruction and hands-on guidance, ensuring a quality learning experience.


Ryan's lessons are outstanding. He generously and genuinely shares his knowledge.

Dina F, Student

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